Kathmandu to Lukla Flight

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Kathmandu to Lukla Flight
US$ 217

Kathmandu to Lukla Flight takes just 35 minutes from Kathmandu. Lukla is known as the gate way to Khumbu region and Everest. The Lukla Airport also known as Edmund Hillary Airport t is one of the busiest and one of the highest airports on Earth. The view of hundreds of mountains from the flight is nonetheless breath taking.

Lukla used to be a small remote Sherpa village located at 2,850 m. With the introduction of the airport, Lukla has become accessible to not just mountaineers but common people that want to admire the beauty of the Khumbu region. Lukla has now turned into a large trekker’s town with numerous shops, moderate accommodations, and internet cafes as well.

Many airline operators offer flights from Kathmandu to Lukla. Since this is a very busy area, especially in peak season, it is wise to book a flight ticket earlier with our help. The best season to visit this region is during the monthsof March, April, May, September, October, and November. During these months, the sky is clear offering crystal-clear views of snow clad peaks, lush green forests, green hills, and glaciers. Note that it can get very crowded during these times.

Flights generally run on schedule, however, the weather at Lukla changes every so often, thus sometimes flights can be delayed. You are suggested to book the round trip Flight.



  • The Scenic Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla 
  • Close view of Langtang Range
  • Fly over Local villages



Free Baggage- 10 kg

Hand Carry- 5Kg

Estimated time of flight -35 mins


How to Book
To book this experience, you can book online or call us at +9779851032316. You should pay the full at the time of booking. Please send all passengers passport copy while you are booking this trip.

15% charge will be applied if you cancel the flight prior 48 hours of the departure after that it will be non refundable. 


  1. What is the duration of Kathmandu to Lukla Flight
    A-  Its just 35 Minutes flight from Kathmandu to Lukla
  2. Which are the best airlines?
    A- The best airlines are Tara and Summit Air
  3. What are the chances of flight delay and cancellation?
    A- The Lukla airport is located in Moutain region. Thus, it has high chance of flight cancellation.
  4. What will happen if the flight is cancelled?
    A- We will reschedule your flight for next day if you have time. Or We will give you full refund.
  5. What time is the best time to fly?
    A- The Kathmandu to Pokhara flight happens only in the morning.

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